Upcoming Trunk Shows and Personal Appearances

February 8
Trunk Show North Brook Neiman Marcus
February 10
Trunk Show Bal Harbour Neiman Marcus
February 11
Trunk Show Boca Raton Neiman Marcus
February 25
Designer Personal Appearance Tysons Neiman Marcus
March 2
Trunk Show Tampa Neiman Marcus 
March 3
Trunk Show Coral Gables Neiman Marcus 
March 4
Designer Personal Appearance Palo Alto Neiman Marcus 
March 10
Trunk Show St. Louis Neiman Marcus 
March 11
Designer Personal Appearance North Park Neiman Marcus   
April 1
Trunk Show King of Prussia Neiman Marcus 
April 8
Designer Personal Appearance Scottsdale Neiman Marcus 
April 28
Trunk Show Charlotte Neiman Marcus 
April 29
Trunk Show Westchester Neiman Marcus  
May 3
Trunk Show Troy Neiman Marcus
May 5
Trunk Show Oak Brook Neiman Marcus 
May 6
Trunk Show Michigan Ave Neiman Marcus 
May 13
Designer Personal Appearance Fashion Island Neiman Marcus
May 20
Trunk Show Boston Neiman Marcus 
June 3
Designer Personal Appearance Las Vegas Neiman Marcus 
June 7
Trunk Show Willowbend Neiman Marcus
June 8
Trunk Show Fort Worth Neiman Marcus
June 8
Trunk Show Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus
June 10
Trunk Show North Brook Neiman Marcus