Our Story

Passion. Self-expression. Empowerment. Inner Strength.

Sheryl Lowe jewelry speaks to the adventurous side of the inner spirit, effortlessly igniting the authentic self.
Made with precious metals and the finest stones sourced from all over the world, each Sheryl Lowe design embodies a unique story of the raw beauty found in nature. Every piece is thoughtfully handcrafted with a genuine artisanal passion that defines the effortlessly glamorous collection. Sheryl Lowe is sold at fine retailers and boutiques such as Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and coveted by powerful female muses everywhere including Maria Shriver, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Oprah Winfrey.
A trained artist and dynamic creative with a lifelong passion for design, Sheryl Lowe draws inspiration from her Southern California upbringing surrounded by sand, surf, and the Sunset Strip. Growing up in the ‘70s, Sheryl first began making jewelry at a young age as a form of self-expression. After art school, she made a name for herself as a makeup artist for over 30 major motion pictures where she met her husband, actor Rob Lowe. From there she shifted her focus to interior design, where her skillful approach and exquisite taste earned her multiple features in publications like Architectural Digest. As her work and spiritual beliefs took her all over the world, Sheryl’s interest in collecting multicultural treasures reignited her passion for jewelry.
Over the last decade, Sheryl has dedicated her career to jewelry design, honing her craft and perfecting her process. By fusing the healing energy of ocean and mountain landscapes with a fearless rocker point of view, her open-hearted spirit shines through each artisanal piece. Sheryl creates jewelry that invites women to find strength in pushing boundaries.
As a devoted mother and wife raised by a single mother and grandmother, working for women and children’s organizations holds a special place in Sheryl’s heart. The idea of paying it forward plays an important role in Sheryl’s personal and professional life. For that reason, part of the Sheryl Lowe business model has always included philanthropy. Currently, a portion of the brand’s proceeds are donated to support The Women’s Alzheimers Movement.
“It’s not enough for me to create beautiful things. I want my work to resonate and have a positive impact on the lives of not only the women who wear it, but on all women and families. Everyone deserves to have more beauty in their lives.”